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The International

The Internatioanl

The International

I first took notice of Clive Owen when BMW commissioned The Hire, a series of short films to show off their cars, where Owen was the unnamed Driver for hire.  He played the part well – professional, but showing hints of a deeper character.  From those performances I had him on my list as a good choice for the next actor to portray James Bond.

That said, he does seem to be cast as a British action star, and there seems to be few differences between the roles he’s getting.  It’s “Clive Owen in a movie” in much the same way that it’s Bruce Willis or Van Damme or Jet Li in a movie.  Now, in my book, that’s not a bad thing – I like all of those actors because of the roles they get and the way their movies flow.  The International is no different, it’s a thriller with a little action and a lead character who remains believable throughout.  It’s no Bourne movie, but it did make for an intriguing and entertaining two hours viewing.

Pushing its luck

Push (2009)

I recall seeing the trailer for Push maybe six months or so ago.  At the time, it looked like a story that had potential, but also one that could easily fall flat.  Unfortunately, I turned out to be right about the latter.

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